Wood Vs. Plastic Toilet Seat Models

Are wood toilet seats a better replacement for plastic seats? Most homes have toilet seats manufactured with plastic, but this is not always the scenario. If your regular plastic seat has cracked far beyond repair, you may consider replacing it with a sturdier, warmer wooden seat. On the flip side, if your wooden toilet seat is bringing you trouble with maintenance due to moisture absorption, you may want to try a modern plastic seat or molded wood. In this wood vs. plastic toilet seat guide, we give you the upsides and downsides of each option to help you make a more informed decision.

What To Consider Before Buying Wood Vs. Plastic Toilet Seat

Here are the key parameters you should look for before deciding between wood and plastic toilet seats:

1. Lifespan

Are you wondering if wooden seats last longer than their plastic counterparts? Wood manufacturers usually heirloom their products to last for decades, whereas disposable materials are commonly made by plastic. Although your heirloom cabinet might last for decades, a toilet seat that is urinated on regularly or exposed to moisture can deteriorate much faster. 

Again, a wooden seat is more impact-resistant than a plastic seat, but wood rot and warp easily than plastic. Although high-quality wood toilet seats are treated appropriately to withstand moisture, they aren’t as watertight as standard plastic seats. If plastic wooden seats of comparable quality are exposed to the same amount of liquid and sweat, you can expect the lifespan of a wooden seat to fall short of a plastic toilet seat.

2. Style

Choosing between a wooden and a plastic seat is hugely a matter of taste and style. A wooden toilet seat creates a pleasant, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere. It’s a decent match for rustic décor, making it great for all kinds of bathrooms. On the other hand, plastic seats have a sleeker, more refined appearance, and you can find models with embedded real money. 

A close inspection of the product’s style may make you prefer one seat over the other. Before settling on a toilet seat model, look around your bathroom to see what might perfectly match your décor. Based on your bathroom décor, it’s easier to decide the appropriate style and color for your toilet seat. For example, if your bathroom décor is blue, you can find numerous plastic toilet seats available for sale that match your décor. 

3. Comfortability

Your toilet seat is perhaps the only tool in your house where you’ll regularly sit with your naked butt, making comfortability a critical concern. Ensure the seat will feel comfortable for your butt in all situations.

Both plastic toilet seats and wood toilet seats are comfortable to use, but some people prefer the softness of plastic toilet seats while others like the cozy warmth of a wooden seat. Temperature also matters a lot. A plastic toilet seat is more susceptible to fluctuations in temperature than a wooden toilet seat. 

For instance, before turning on the heater in the morning, a plastic toilet appears to be frigid while a wooden toilet seat seems to be a little warm. However, a wooden toilet seat retains more heat than a plastic toilet seat. 

Even though plastic toilet seat heaters are also available for sale, you can install a space heater inside your washroom. But, if you opt for a wood toilet seat, you may not require any heating functionality. 

4. Environmental Concerns

Issues concerning the impacts of waste disposal on the environment are becoming a significant concern in numerous political debates, and some customers have started to buy environment-friendly products. 

If you aim to minimize your carbon footprint on the universe and curb the adverse effects of waste disposal, wooden toilet seats are ideal. Whereas plastic toilet seats seem to be more affordable, there are also many low-cost wooden toilet seats in the market.

5. Cleanliness

A frequently asked question by most buyers is, are wooden seats hygienic? It is a good question since wood is naturally porous. Many manufacturers cover wooden seats with laminate to prevent pathogenic bacteria from entering the material. But remember that the laminate will wear out with time, calling for more lamination.

On the other hand, plastic seats are not porous and easier to clean. The same can be said about a well-laminated wood toilet, but you won’t have to worry about plastic seats wearing out. 

Pros And Cons of Plastic Toilet Seats

A plastic toilet seat comes with either a plastic or metallic mounting. 

Pros of Plastic Toilet Seats

  • Easy to clean
  • More affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof and not susceptible to scratches
  • More hygienic

Cons of Plastic Seats

  • Discolors easily
  • Cold on your butts, particularly during cold seasons
  • Less stylish

Pros And Cons of Wood Toilet Seats

If you are looking forward to buying a wooden toilet seat, see the advantages and disadvantages below:

Pros of Wood Toilet Seats

  • It offers a lot of comforts
  • Looks stylish
  • Heavy and solid
  • Warmer
  • It does not discolorize easily

Cons of Wood Toilet Seats

  • A little more expensive
  • Challenging to clean
  • Not waterproof

Our Best Picks of Wood Vs. Plastic Toilet Seats

Finally, here is our quick overview of the best wood and plastic toilet seats on the market today:

Best Wood Toilet Seats

#1. Best Overall: Bemis 500EC 000 500EC-000 Toilet Seat

Bemis 500EC 000 500EC-000 Toilet Seat is easy to install and is highly recommended for home use. This wood toilet seat is stylish, easy to clean, and durable thanks to its enameled material. It’s available in numerous colors and is ideal for toilets with a rounded bowl. 

What We Like:

  • User friendly
  • Various colors
  • Enameled wood

#2. Best Runner Up: Danilo Elongated Toilet Seat

Apart from the luxurious appearance of the Danilo Elongated Toilet Seat, you will enjoy its excellent craftsmanship, including a smooth, simple-to-clean surface. This top-level of craftsmanship guarantees your taste for an extended period.

What We Like:

  • Simple to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy hinges
  • Material made up of molded wood

#3. Best Traditional Design: Design House 561241 Dalton Round Toilet Seat

You might love this particular seat if you need decent looking traditional toilet seat. Design House 561241 Dalton Round Toilet Seat provides warmth, and its rounded shape is ideal for any bowl with 16.9″ × 14.6″ measurements.

This toilet is easy to install, and upon delivery, the package entails all necessary hardware and equipment required for the installation.

What We Like:

  • Natural style
  • Long-lasting material
  • Has a warranty

Best Plastic Toilet Seats

#1. Best Overall: KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Quiet-Close Toilet Seat

KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Quiet-Close Toilet seat design is ideal for elongated toilets. Its unique technology features grip-tight rims that maintain the seat’s position, preventing it from shifting. The lid closes softly but quietly, preventing unnecessary noises.

It’s is made of a resistant propylene material that minimizes staining. The most exciting thing about the KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Quiet-Close Toilet seat is that it’s simple to install and lasts longer. 

What We like:

  • Easy to install and separate from the toilet
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for elongated toilets

#2. Best Runner Up: BEMIS 7850TDG 000 Commercial Heavy Duty Open Front Toilet Seat

It is a high-quality seat and ideal for all commercial settings. BEMIS 7850TDG 000 Heavy Duty Open Front Toilet Seat weighs 5.4 pounds hence too heavy. Its stainless pintles and posts make this toilet durable for a long time. The seat is simple to install. In addition, this top-quality plastic seat is suitable for elongated bowls.

What We Like:

  • Commercial plastic
  • It’s non-corrosive
  • It’s easy to install

#3. Best Heated: Brondell L60-RW LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Round Toilet Seat

If you need a luxury plastic toilet seat, this is the best to buy. Its luxurious warm feature is warm and welcoming. This toilet seat makes it easier to use at night because of its illuminating nightlight. It is easy to install without help from a professional.

What We Like:

  • Ergonomic seat
  • Illuminating nightlight
  • Slow, gentle close

FAQs About Wood Vs. Plastic Toilet Seats

1: Are wood toilet seats antiseptic?

As stated earlier, wood seats are more porous than plastic seats. Porous materials are more susceptible to liquid than non-porous materials. Therefore, plastic toilet seats are more sanitary than wooden seats.

2: Between wood and plastic toilet seats, which one is prone to cracks?

A wooden toilet seat is less susceptible to cracking than a plastic toilet seat. A wooden toilet seat is much sturdier and heavier than a plastic toilet seat.

3: Is a wooden toilet seat cheaper than a plastic toilet seat?

Plastic toilet seats are typically more affordable than wooden toilet seats.

Bottom Line

Regardless of what toilet seat design you want to buy, the most critical thing is to consider all factors before making your final decision. Plastic seats are easy to clean and more affordable than wood toilet seats. On the other hand, wooden toilet seats are superior and elegant to plastic toilet seats.

Also, wood toilet seats are convenient and warmer than plastic toilet seats. However, your ultimate decision will be based on your personal taste and preference, as well as your budget. Feel free to share with us your experiences with wood vs. plastic toilet seats in the comment box below. 


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