How to Dispose of An Old Toilet in an Eco-friendly Manner

Most of the items that tend to pollute the environment today are categorized as non-biodegradable. Today, old toilets are some of the most notorious non-biodegradables that tend to fill up dumpsites in the United States. Indeed, it is terrible news to the ecosystem. If you are making plans to renovate or remodel your bathroom and are unsure how to get rid of the old toilet, this guide provides a significant relief for you. Based on your city and state laws, we share some eco-friendly tips on how to dispose of an old toilet.

Why Dispose of your Old Toilet?

Toilets, just as other household products, at some point get to wear out or begin to clog frequently. So, that is one of the rationales for disposing of your old toilet. Replacing a dysfunctional toilet with a newer version helps you save approximately seventy-five percent of water used during flushing.

Apart from water wastage, old toilets also accumulate fissure and tough stains over time. In any case, you must settle on the safest disposal method to dispose of your old toilet once you’ve replaced it with a new one.

Safety must be your top priority when deciding on the most appropriate way to dispose of your old toilet. And since lavatories are bulky fittings, you should enlist the help of others when transporting an old lavatory from your home or business to wherever you intend to dump it.

How to Dispose of An Old Toilet

Without further ado, here is how to dispose of an old toilet without causing much harm to the environment:

1. Use Of Municipal Solid Garbage Disposal Options

Check with your municipal solid garbage disposal organizations or go to their webpage to see whether they provide trash pickup services for old toilets. Perhaps some organizations would pick your disposal toilet once they get it abandoned in the designated pickup bins.

In contrast, other organizations need to be notified before picking up the trash. However, it’s always important to check on their webpage first because some organizations don’t authorize for collection of certain bulky items.

If the option is provided in your city, leave the toilet unit out for collection on the day and time stipulated by the disposal organization. It’s also advisable to remove non-porcelain merchandise, such as the pipes inside the toilet seat, before dropping off your old toilet.

Furthermore, inquire with the organization to see if prior arrangements are required. If you reside in a flat complex, confirm with the solid garbage disposal organization to know whether you can get a permit to dispose of your old toilet in the garbage bin.

Old, broken urinal
Old, broken urinal

2. Drop Off Your Old Toilet at A Municipal Recycling Facility Near You

You can also drop off your aged toilet to a recycling facility near you that accepts porcelain. Get referrals from your public water municipal or water department authority for credible recycling stations where you can drop off your old lavatory.

But remember that you may get billed for disposing of your old toilet at the specified facilities. Contact the recyclers available in your city to make the best deal before deciding on the recycling facility to get rid of the old toilet.

3. Disposing Of At a Landfill or Transfer Center

Based on your area, you can take your old lavatory to a transfer center run by your dumping organization or a landfill run by your municipality. A transit center is a secure place where waste gets sorted before being transported to assorted landfills throughout your country. Huge, bulky products that are not permitted for trash and recycling pickup are frequently dropped off at transfer centers.

However, such a disposal method incurs charges for services delivered, particularly if you happen to be a non-residential customer of the organization. Thus, you should contact the organization and settle on the potential charges and payment options before dropping off your old toilet.

4. Donate Your Old Lavatory to a Charitable Organization

Some charitable organizations provide opportunities for participants to take their old or unwanted items for free donation. An excellent example of a charitable organization group is the Freecycle organization. However, while using this method to dispose of your old toilet, you should include your telephone number and a short outline of the bathroom you are giving out.

When another participant from the group approaches you, schedule a convenient date, time, and location for them to pick up your toilet. Luckily, some online groups constantly collaborate with garbage disposal organizations. Such a disposal organization may recommend the appropriate customer to contact or email based on your toilet’s description.

5. Take Your Old Toilet for Recycling

Some municipalities have operational recycling programs. Such programs mix concrete with crushed toilets bowls made of porcelain and use the resulting composition to construct roads and sidewalks. Confirm whether there exist such recycling programs within your municipality.

Again, while searching for one, your municipal waste disposal organization might provide crucial details about the best recycling program available near you. However, this method necessitates the removal of non-porcelain items such as bolts, pipes, and toilet seats before recycling.

6. Upcycling The Old Toilet

Upcycling, also known as creative re-consumption, transforms a discarded or old toilet into a more attractive and valuable product. This method gives the old toilet a new purpose. Common ways of repurposing your old toilet include:

  • Turn your old toilet into an alternative chair by simply gluing the toilet lid, repainting, and cleaning it.  
  • Decorate your yard by using the toilet tank and bowl to plant flowers.
  • Transform your toilet tank into a fish tank.
  • Use the old toilet seat as a picture frame.


Whenever you upgrade your bathroom with a modern non-clogging toilet, never seek to dispose of your old one in a place not assigned for such waste products since it can harm the ecosystem. Furthermore, it could lead to other legal implications. Simply explore the various tips on how to dispose of an old toilet discussed above and choose the best appropriate one.

Alternatively, you can consider reusing your old toilet or donating it to somebody who can turn it into a valuable product. By searching “old toilet disposal near me,” you could easily identify a convenient place to dispose of your old toilet unit.


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