Who Makes Woodbridge Toilets?

Woodbridge toilets have been around since 2005. Woodbridge Bath, the company that manufactures Woodbridge toilets, specializes in kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Over the years, Woodbridge commodes have gained increasing popularity among online consumers. But who makes Woodbridge toilets, and where are they made?

While Woodbridge Bath is not as famous as other top toilet manufacturers, the quality of its products is undisputed. For instance, Woodbridge T-0001 is the company’s most popular toilet brand among online shoppers. Continue reading to gain deeper insights into the manufacturer of Woodbridge toilets. 

Who Makes Woodbridge Toilets? 

When you spot one of those spectacular Woodbridge toilets, it is not unusual to ask yourself who makes them. Well, the answer lies in their name. Woodbridge Bath is the manufacturer of Woodbridge toilets. Based in Cerritos, California, Woodbridge Bath has a broad product portfolio that ranges from kitchen to bathroom fixtures. 

Despite the company’s relatively late inception, it has managed to make a name for itself in a short time. The company’s toilet models enjoy high popularity among customers. Part of their appeal lies in their affordability and quality. 

Where are Woodbridge Toilets Made? 

Even though Woodbridge Bath is headquartered in Cerritos, California, not all of the company’s toilets are made there. Company data shows that the company has additional manufacturing facilities in China and Canada. Woodbridge Bath predominantly sources its ceramic material from China. 

The manufacturing locations allow the company to reach its primary markets in Asia and North America easily. Additionally, the different manufacturing sites give the company greater flexibility in sourcing workers. Its manufacturing locations also enable the company to compete with big players in the lucrative bathroom fixtures market. 

How Do Woodbridge Toilets Reach Consumers?

Woodbridge Bath employs various strategies to ensure that its products reach the final customer seamlessly. One such approach includes partnerships with online retailers. Woodbridge Bath ordinarily partners with Amazon to expand its market reach. 

Prospective customers can view Woodbridge toilet models on Amazon’s online platform. Additionally, they can use customer reviews on the platform to make informed purchase decisions. Amazon also lists the specifications and features of different Woodbridge toilet models. 

Woodbridge Bath also employs a direct sales strategy in distributing its products. This cuts out intermediaries and reduces mark-up costs. Therefore, Woodbridge Bath can offer high-quality products to its customers at a lower price than its competitors. 

You can order Woodbridge Toilet models on the company’s official website. Once you visit the website, you can view different models’ prices, specifications, and features. You can also view the reviews of previous customers to make an informed purchase decision. 

What Sets Woodbridge Bath Apart?

Woodbridge Bath sets itself apart from other toilet manufacturers through the quality and design of its products. Different Woodbridge Toilet models target different market segments. For instance, the company’s eco-friendly toilets primarily target consumers who prioritize water conservation. It is worth noting that eco-friendly toilets consume relatively fewer gallons per flush. Woodbridge Bath also makes top-spec toilets for high consumers. The commodes incorporate various technologies that enhance user comfort and convenience. 


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