What Is The Circumference Of A Toilet Paper Roll?

The circumferential dimension of a toilet paper roll is the distance around the outside of the roll. It helps buyers figure out how much toilet paper is in a toilet paper roll and also helps manufacturers of toilet paper holders and dispensers design the right pieces. The size of a toilet paper roll can affect how you place it in a toilet, cabinet, or closet. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about choosing the perfect size for your toilet at home.

How to Calculate the Circumference of a Toilet Paper Roll

We use toilet paper every single day, and we often take it for granted, but have you ever considered how long a toilet paper roll is? We check out our toilet paper rolls pretty regularly, now and then, and we are all aware that a typical roll of toilet paper usually has multiple sheets, but how long is one toilet paper roll when it is fully unrolled?  

There is more than one way to determine the circumference of a toilet paper roll. It depends on how much information you have about the roll. For example, the diameter of the roll helps you determine its circumference. The diameter is basically the distance of the toilet paper roll through the center. 

To determine the circumferential circumference of a toilet paper roll by using its diameter, you can use the formula C = πd, where C is the circumference, π is the constant pi (3.14)), and d stands for the roll’s diameter. For example, if your toilet paper roll has a diameter of 7 inches, the circumference is 21.98 inches (3.14 x 7).

Alternatively, you can use the roll’s radius to calculate the circumference. The roll has a radius that is ½ its diameter. Therefore, the formula for calculating the same example of toilet paper will be C= 2 πr ((2 x 3.14 x 7).) where r stands for radius.

Toilet roll sheets typically have a diameter of 10 cm equivalent to (31516 in.) and 12 cm (42332 in.) long. They weigh about 8 oz. or 227 grams. One roll of paper that uses single-ply paper can hold 1000 sheets, while for two-ply paper roll holds 500 sheets.

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What Is The Diameter Of A Toilet Paper Roll Cardboard?

It is critical to measure the size of a toilet paper roll than you think. This is mainly because the new toilet paper rolls you purchase need to be precisely sized in order to fit in your toilet paper holders. The cardboard of a toilet paper roll measures about two inches. That measurement is fairly standard for all toilet paper brands. 

However, depending on the texture of the toilet paper that is added to the toilet paper cardboard, the diameter of the entire toilet paper roll will consequently increase. It is possible to have very different sizes depending on several features of a new toilet paper roll.

Toilet paper comes in many colors (some are more expensive than others), and some are quite unique. In addition, toilet paper can have four different ply options, such as one, two, three, or even four. Each layer of ply paper thickness increases the strength and durability of the paper. Adding more paper to the toilet paper roll makes it softer and safer to use, but the paper roll will have a longer diameter and circumference.


Are the dimensions of all toilet paper rolls the same?

Almost all toilet paper manufacturers use the same size of toilet paper cardboard. However, some of the toilet paper rolls on the market have a different number of toilet paper sheets and plies. Furthermore, the older toilet paper holders and dispensers can perfectly store the standard size of toilet paper rolls, while the newer models might not fit. 

Hence, when shopping for your next toilet paper fixture, it’s important to keep in mind the circumference of the toilet paper roll you use in your home’s toilet or office toilet.

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What is the girth of a standard toilet paper roll?

When drooping, the average length should be about 3.6 inches or 9.31 cm long and 4.5 inches or 11.66 when raised. It’s very critical to know that these measurements may differ from one brand to another. Be careful when shopping for newer brands that are not standardized.

How should I measure the exact circumference of my toilet paper?

Use a tape measure or a caliper to measure the new roll’s diameter and record the measurement. Then, use the formula described above to work out the circumference.

What is the length of the longest toilet paper roll?

When the paper towel rolls are removed from a toilet, how many days does it take to empty a toilet paper roll? Just for fun, in 2011, Charmin created a US-based brand that produced the biggest toilet paper roll that has ever been produced. It was 9 ft. 8.9 in high (2.5 m) and had a 17-inch diameter tube in the center. 

It contained more than 1 million square feet of paper, which is more than 95,000 normal rolls of toilet paper. If each roll of toilet paper had a length of 900 inches, the world’s longest toilet roll was 85.5 million inches long. That’s a distance of around 2,171,700 meters or 1,349,000 miles. Obviously, no one will be interested in buying such long toilet paper for their toilet.

Wrapping Up

It’s now clear that there is no one-size-fits-all regarding toilet paper dimensions or circumference. Some of the major brands of toilet paper makers to consider checking out include Cottonelle Professional, Quilted Northern Ultra Plush, Scott Essential, Charmin Ultra Strong, Scott 1000, and Angel Soft. 

You’ll notice that most brands may indicate the number of sheets and plies on their packages but not the sheet size. If that is the case, you can still measure the size of each sheet to know the length of your product. The bottom line is that it’s always important to focus on quality rather than quantity for comfortable use when shopping for a toilet paper roll.


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