How to Keep Poop from Sticking to Toilet Bowl

As a homeowner, it is in your best interest to keep your toilet sparkling clean and free of spots. A clean bathroom is both aesthetically pleasing and free of disease-causing bacteria. Nonetheless, poop will inevitably stick on your toilet bowl occasionally. As a result, you need to know tips and tricks on how to keep poop from sticking to toilet bowl. 

Why Solid Waste May Stick on Your Toilet Bowl 

It is worth noting that poop and other solid waste may stick on your toilet bowl for a raft of reasons. The reasons include:

1. A Dry Toilet Bowl

Poop may stick on your toilet bowl because it is simply dry. This is particularly so for toilets that have not been used or flushed for a while. Also, poop that sticks on a waterless toilet bowl is incredibly hard to remove. Using shoe protector spray can work great in eliminating this problem, as show in the video below.

2. Materials Used

The material used in manufacturing a toilet bowl is another reason why poop may stick on your toilet bowl. For example, poop tends to stick on toilet bowls that do not have a smooth glossy finish than those that have such finishes. The underlying reason for this phenomenon is that a rough ceramic finish can cause poop particles to lodge themselves on the bowl surface more robustly. Consequently, it takes a couple of flushes or even detergents to dislodge the stubborn solid waste particles. 

3. Type of Diet 

Your dietary intake may also result in poop sticking on your toilet bowl. For instance, a dietary intake with a lot of fiber may unlikely cause poop to easily stick on your toilet bowl. Meanwhile, a diet with lots of fat leads to the excretion of sticky poop that is difficult to remove from toilet bowls. 

How to Keep Poop from Sticking to Toilet Bowl 

If you desire to keep your bathroom in a pristine condition, it is incumbent upon you to adopt wide-ranging measures to prevent poop from sticking to your toilet bowl. In principle, your actions should incorporate numerous internal and external measures to minimize the risk of solid waste sticking to your toilet. Some of the techniques and measures you can apply to keep poop from adhering to your toilet bowl include: 

Purchasing a Toilet with a Smooth, Glossy Finish

Measures aimed at curtailing poop and other solid waste from adhering onto your toilet bowl should start at the point of purchase. When you are in the marketplace for toilets, you should know that toilet models with a smooth, glazed finish minimize the risk of poop sticking to your toilet bowl. 

For instance, toilet models with a Sanagloss finish have an extremely smooth finish that allows solid waste to wash away from your toilet bowl in a single flush. Ultimately, toilets with a glossy finish will enable you to save water at an unprecedented rate since you do not have to flush them multiple times to get rid of stubborn stains.

Glazed finish
Glazed finish

Buying a Toilet with Tornado Flush Technology

Before purchasing a toilet, you should consider vital features that may prevent poop from adhering to the toilet bowl. One such feature is tornado flush technology. The technology is ideal for removing even the most stubborn stains because it has a powerful swirl with abrasive properties. 

Essentially, the abrasive technology dislodges sticky solid waste particles, leaving your toilet sparkling clean. Tornado flush technology is also advantageous because it uses approximately the same water quantity per flush as a regular toilet. As such, the technology enables you to optimize your bathroom water usage. 

Flushing Your Toilet Regularly

You can keep your toilet free of sticky poop by flushing your lavatory regularly. In essence, taking this measure ensures that the toilet bowl interior is constantly wet instead of dry. If you have not used your toilet for a while or have been away from home for a protracted period, you can flush your toilet at least once before using it. Doing so will ensure that solid waste particles do not adhere to the bowl surface, and even if they do, it will be easier to clean the toilet. 

Change your Dietary Intake 

Your dietary intake has a massive sway on the texture of your stool. As such, it is incumbent upon you to take the proper diet while avoiding some diets altogether. For example, fiber-rich diets ensure that human waste is less sticky and minimize the risk of poop adhering onto toilet bowls. Additionally, fat-rich diets such as red meat and cheese contribute to the excretion of sticky poop that may be challenging to remove from toilet bowls. 

Using Detergent and Cleaning Bleach

Today, not all detergents on sale are well equipped to remove stubborn stains from toilet surfaces. As a result, you should look for cleaning agents with stain-removing power. Notably, you should sprinkle or pour detergents and cleaning bleaches with sufficient cleaning power on toilet bowl surfaces and leave them for a few minutes before washing. 

Using the Right Cleaning Tools

The ease of removal of stubborn stains is often predicated on the type of tools you use to scrub your toilet. Essentially, you can prevent solid waste particles from sticking to your toilet bowl by using a bristle brush. When used with cleaning agents, bristle brushes often leave your toilet sparkling clean. A notable advantage of the bristle brush is that it does not scratch the toilet bowl surface like other stiff brushes. This feature ensures that your toilet retains its pristine contemporary look and feel. 

Bottom Line 

Poop sticking to toilet bowls is an unpleasant experience for any toilet user. As a result, you should consider these preventative measures from the moment you decide to purchase a toilet to the time you begin to use it. Before choosing an ideal toilet model, you must consider the materials used and the technologies incorporated in the toilet. 


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