Best Backpacking Bidets for 2024 (Tested By Experts)

If you’re a frequent backpacker, you’ll agree that nature sometimes calls on the trail, and that call can involve a little more… toot than anticipated.  Fortunately, civilization (and a clean behind) aren’t that far out of reach, thanks to the magic of portable bidets.  Keep your hygiene on point and your adventures stench-free with our guide on the best backpacking bidets for 2024!

Top 5 Backpacking Bidets for 2024

We can all agree that even the most seasoned backpacker isn’t immune to the occasional digestive disagreement on the trail. Whenever that happens, there’s no need to resign yourself to a multi-day case of the “hiker shuffle.”  In this glorious age of innovation, portable bidets offer a beacon of hope (and cleanliness) for those caught short in the wilderness.  From ultralight wonders to feature-packed options, we’ve compiled some of the best backpacking bidets of 2024, ensuring your outdoor escapades are fresh, not foul.

1: Best Overall: VIKKEN Go+ (2nd.Gen.) High Pressure Bidet USB-Type C Mobile Electric Rechargeable Handheld Portable Travel Bidet, Water Spray

As a seasoned backpacker, I’m always on the lookout for gear that makes life on the trail a little easier, especially when it comes to hygiene. That’s why I was intrigued by the VIKKEN Go+ (2nd Gen.) travel bidet.

This handheld, electric bidet sprayer boasts a high-pressure water stream. It’s rechargeable with a USB-C cable, and it comes with its own 200ml water bottle. But the real backpacking win? It can also connect directly to standard soda or water bottles, giving you more water capacity options. Plus, it’s tiny – think lipstick-sized – and super lightweight, which is crucial when every ounce counts.

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Pros for Backpackers:

  • Ultra-portable: This thing disappears into your toiletry bag. No more bulky attachments or hoses!
  • Versatile water source: Use the included bottle or grab a standard bottle you already have on hand. No need to pack extra containers.
  • Rechargeable battery: No need for disposable batteries, which is a win for the environment and saves you from having to resupply.
  • High-pressure clean: Get a thorough clean even with limited water, thanks to the strong spray.

Cons to Consider:

  • Limited water capacity: The included bottle is small, and even connecting to a larger bottle means refilling more often.

Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Get It:

This is a great option for backpackers who are comfortable with bidets and prioritize cleanliness on the trail. If you’re new to bidets or tend to shy away from anything a little unconventional, this might not be for you.

Final Verdict:

Overall, I’m impressed with the VIKKEN Go+. It’s a clever little gadget that makes backcountry hygiene a breeze.  While the limited water capacity might require some strategic planning, the portability and convenience outweigh that for me. If you’re a backpacker who values a clean feeling on the trail, this is definitely worth checking out.

2: Best Runner-Up: Portable Travel Bidet for Toilet Handheld Postpartum Perineal Cleansing Childbirth Cleaner for Outdoor,Camping,Traveling

Every backpacker adores lightweight gear that tackles tough tasks. This handheld bidet sprayer comes with a squeezable bottle. Pretty basic. It holds around 500ml of water, which isn’t much, but it is ideally enough for a thorough clean. Now, the interesting part – it’s manual, no batteries or fancy electronics. You fill it with water, aim, and squeeze. It also comes with a carrying pouch, which is a plus for keeping things discreet in your pack.

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Pros for Backpackers:

  • Super Lightweight: No batteries or extra parts mean it practically weighs nothing. Every ounce counts on the trail!
  • Simple and Reliable: No need to worry about running out of power in the backcountry. Fill it, use it, that’s it.
  • Discreet Carrying Pouch: Keeps things clean and tucked away in your pack.

Cons to Consider:

  • Limited Water Capacity: 500ml isn’t a lot, especially compared to showers. You might find yourself refilling frequently.
  • Manual Squeezing: Let’s be honest, squeezing a bottle after a long hike might not be the most appealing task.
  • Requires a Water Source: You’ll need a reliable source of clean water to refill, which isn’t always a guarantee in the wilderness.

Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Get It:

This bidet might be a good option for ultralight backpackers who prioritize minimal weight and are okay with a more rustic cleaning method.  If you value a plentiful water supply or dislike manual tasks, this probably isn’t for you.

Final Verdict:

The concept is interesting, and for the weight, it might be worth a try. But for me, the limitations on water capacity and the manual squeezing make it a bit impractical for longer backpacking trips. If you’re car camping or doing shorter hikes with access to clean water, it could be a decent option.

3: Best Budget: Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet GS-70 Easy-to-use Portable Bidet with Convenient Nozzle Storage, Travel Bag, 400 ml Capacity

As a backpacker, you need a simple way to stay clean and comfortable on the trail, without weighing yourself down. The Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet GS-70 is a manual squeeze bottle affair, but with some thoughtful design features. It holds 400ml of water, which is decent for a portable bidet. The nozzle retracts for storage inside the bottle, keeping things hygienic and compact. Plus, it comes with a handy travel bag for stashing it away in your pack.

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Pros for Backpackers:

  • Lightweight and Compact: The squeeze bottle design and retractable nozzle make it super pack-friendly.
  • Easy to Use: Fill, point, squeeze – no batteries or complicated instructions needed. Perfect after a long day on the trail.
  • Travel Bag Included: Keeps the bidet clean and discreet in your pack.

Cons to Consider:

Limited Water Capacity: 400ml might not be enough for everyone, especially for those who prefer a more thorough clean. Refilling can be a chore on the trail.

Manual Squeezing: Squeezing a bottle after a long hike might not be the most relaxing experience.

Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Get It:

This bidet is a good option for lightweight backpackers who are comfortable with bidets and don’t mind a more basic cleaning method. If you prioritize plentiful water or dislike manual tasks, this might not be your best bet.

Final Verdict:

The Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet is a well-designed and compact option. It’s easy to use and keeps things clean.  However, the limited water capacity might be a dealbreaker for some backpackers. For me, it’s a decent choice for shorter trips, but for longer adventures, I might consider a larger capacity option.

4: Best for Ease Of Use: Redsack Portable Bidet Peri Bottle for Women Travel Men Personal Bidet Handheld Bidet (Purple)

This little guy is a handheld bidet sprayer with a squeezable bottle. It holds 380ml of water, which isn’t a ton, but it’s designed for a targeted clean. The good news? It’s advertised as easy to squeeze and leak-proof, thanks to a double sealing ring. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors, including a stealthy purple for those discreet moments in the wilderness.

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Pros for Backpackers:

  • Ultra-Lightweight: No batteries or extra parts mean it adds minimal weight to your pack.
  • Easy to Use: Fill, aim, squeeze – simple and straightforward, even after a long day on the trail.
  • Leakproof Design: A double sealing ring promises no messy surprises in your pack.

Cons to Consider:

  • Limited Water Capacity: 380ml might not be enough for everyone, especially for those who prefer a more thorough clean. Refilling can be a hassle on the trail.
  • Manual Squeezing: Let’s be honest, fiddling with a bottle after a long hike might not be the most appealing task.

Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Get It:

This bidet could be an option for ultralight backpackers who are comfortable with bidets and prioritize minimal weight.  However, if you value plentiful water or are worried about the durability in tough conditions, this might not be the best choice.

Final Verdict:

The Redsack Portable Bidet is lightweight and seems easy to use. But the small water capacity and potential durability concerns make me hesitant for longer backpacking trips. It might be a good option for car camping or short hikes with clean water access, but for serious wilderness adventures, I think I’ll keep looking.

5: Best 2-Piece Pack: 2PCS-PACK Portable Bidet for Toilet – 450ml Travel Bidet Bottle – 15oz Handheld Personal Bidet – Peri Bottle for Postpartum Perineal

This travel bidet is a manual squeeze bottle affair, but with a larger capacity than most. Each bottle holds a decent 450ml of water, which is a step up from similar products. They also come with angled nozzles for easier targeting and a bonus – two bottles for the price of one! Sounds good for long hikes, right? Well, there’s more…

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Pros for Backpackers:

  • Larger Capacity: 450ml per bottle gives you more cleaning power compared to smaller options, which means fewer refills on the trail.
  • Double the Duty: Two bottles mean you can have a clean backup or share with a fellow backpacker (if they’re open to the idea!).
  • Angled Nozzle: The angled nozzle design promises better control and easier aiming, especially important when you’re out in the wild.

Cons to Consider:

  • Still Manual: You’ll be doing the squeezing after a long day on the trail, which might not be the most relaxing experience.
  • Refilling Needed: Even with the larger capacity, refilling can be a chore depending on your water situation.
  • Bulkier Than Some: Compared to ultra-lightweight options, these bottles might add a bit more heft to your pack.

Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Get It:

This bidet is a good option for backpackers who are comfortable with bidets, prioritize a more thorough clean, and don’t mind a little extra weight.  If you’re ultralight or struggle with refilling on the trail, this might not be ideal.

Final Verdict:

The 2-pack Portable Bidet offers a good balance between water capacity and weight. The two bottles and angled nozzle are thoughtful features for backpackers.  However, the manual squeezing and need for refills might be drawbacks for some.  For me, it’s a contender for shorter backpacking trips where water is readily available. But for longer adventures, I might opt for a lighter option or consider a bidet that attaches to existing water bottles.

Buyer’s Guide for Backpacking Bidets

As backpacking becomes increasingly popular, outdoor enthusiasts are seeking innovative solutions for maintaining personal hygiene during their adventures. A backpacking bidet, once considered a luxury, has emerged as an essential accessory for eco-conscious travelers. This detailed buyer’s guide aims to provide comprehensive insights into why backpackers should consider a bidet, along with key features to look for and top recommendations.

Why Embrace the Bidet on Your Next Backpacking Adventure?

For backpackers, every ounce counts. From meticulously mapping out routes to carefully selecting gear, minimizing weight and maximizing efficiency are constant pursuits. But what about personal hygiene?  While toilet paper and wipes seem like the obvious choices, bidets offer a compelling alternative that promotes sustainability, cleanliness, and comfort on the trail.

A Sustainable Approach to the Wilderness:

Imagine this: you’re deep in the backcountry, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Now picture the environmental impact of traditional hygiene practices. Toilet paper and wipes, while convenient, create significant waste that can take centuries to decompose. Bidets, on the other hand, rely on a much more sustainable resource – water. Responsible backpackers can use refillable reservoirs or natural water sources with their bidets, minimizing their environmental footprint and leaving no trace behind.

Unparalleled Cleanliness for Peak Performance:

Beyond sustainability, bidets provide a superior clean compared to dry methods. Let’s face it, after a long day on the trail, a thorough cleaning is essential. Bidets offer exactly that, removing dirt and sweat more effectively, reducing the risk of skin irritation and infections that can put a damper on your adventure. Plus, the water-based cleansing is gentler on sensitive skin, a welcome relief after days of exposure to the elements.

Refreshment and Comfort on the Go:

Imagine a refreshing clean after a long hike, a feeling of renewed comfort and confidence that lets you truly appreciate the beauty around you. That’s the experience a bidet offers. Unlike the harshness of toilet paper or the drying effect of wipes, bidets provide a comfortable and refreshing clean, boosting your overall well-being on the trail. Some advanced models even come with temperature-controlled water, taking that comfort factor to a whole new level.

Lighten Your Load, Free Up Space:

Backpackers know the struggle of every extra ounce. Bidets, designed to be compact and lightweight, add minimal weight to your pack. But their impact on space is even more significant. Ditching bulky packs of toilet paper or wipes frees up valuable real estate in your backpack, allowing you to carry more essential gear or that extra layer you might need for unpredictable weather.

Choosing the Right Bidet for Your Backpacking Journey:

Now that you’re convinced about the benefits of a bidet, let’s explore some key features to consider when choosing the perfect one for your trip:

  • Portability is King: Look for bidets with compact and lightweight designs. Foldable or collapsible options are ideal for space-conscious backpackers.
  • Water on Demand: Opt for refillable reservoirs or models compatible with standard water bottles. Choose a capacity that suits your trip duration and expected water availability.
  • Customization is Key: Adjustable nozzles and spray heads allow you to tailor the cleaning experience to your preference. Some models even offer pulse or oscillating modes for a truly personalized clean.
  • Built to Last: Durable and waterproof materials can handle the rigors of outdoor adventures. Choose options that are easy to clean and maintain, considering the challenges of a natural environment.
  • Simplicity is Golden: Intuitive controls ensure easy operation, especially important when you’re out in the elements. Decide between manual options with squeeze bulbs or electronic bidets with advanced features.
  • Power Up Your Clean (if electronic): For electronic bidets, prioritize rechargeable batteries or those compatible with common battery types. Battery life should be sufficient for the length of your trip.
  • Adaptability is Essential: Ensure the bidet is compatible with various water sources, including natural bodies of water or stored water in containers. Some models come with adapters for different water bottles or reservoirs.
  • Value Beyond Price: While budget is important, prioritize bidets that offer long-term value and durability. Consider the cost savings compared to continually repurchasing disposable alternatives.

How We Tested These Backpacking Bidets

Bidets have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a hygienic and refreshing alternative to toilet paper. But with so many options on the market, how can you be sure you’re getting a high-quality bidet that performs well? The answer lies in rigorous testing. Here’s a peek into our bidet testing process.

1. Cleansing Performance:

  • Spray Pressure and Pattern: This is arguably the most crucial aspect. Our testers evaluate the range of pressure settings, ensuring a comfortable and effective clean. They assess the spray pattern, verifying proper coverage of the target area and avoiding excessive force or splatter.
  • Nozzle Movement and Retraction: Our testers examine the movement and retraction mechanisms of the nozzle. This includes smoothness, precision, and proper positioning for optimal cleaning.
  • Water Temperature Control: Our testers assess the temperature range and responsiveness of the heating element. They ensure consistent and comfortable warm water delivery, especially in models with heated seats.

2. Build Quality and Durability:

  • Materials and Construction: Our testers meticulously examine the materials used in the bidet seat, nozzle, and other components. They look for high-quality, non-porous materials like stainless steel or durable plastics that resist wear and tear.
  • Leak Prevention: Water leaks can be a major hassle. Our testers subject the bidet to various pressure and movement simulations to ensure watertight connections and proper sealing throughout the unit.
  • Weight Capacity and Lid Strength: Our testers verify if the bidet seat can support the designated weight capacity comfortably. They also assess the sturdiness of the lid to ensure it can handle regular use without cracking or breaking.

3. Functionality and User Experience:

  • Control Panel Design: Our testers evaluate the ease of use and intuitiveness of the control panel. This includes button layout, labeling, and responsiveness. Ideally, the controls should be clear, accessible, and allow for easy adjustment of settings.
  • Remote Control Functionality (if applicable): Bidets with remote controls undergo testing for signal strength, range, and responsiveness of buttons. Our testers ensure seamless communication between the remote and the bidet unit.
  • Installation Process: While some bidets are self-installing, others might require professional help. Our testers assess the complexity of the installation process and the clarity of the provided instructions.

4. Additional Features (Where Applicable):

  • Heated Seat: Our testers evaluate the heating element’s efficiency in reaching and maintaining comfortable temperatures. They also assess the temperature uniformity across the seat surface.
  • Air Dryer: If the bidet has an air dryer function, our testers assess the drying power, noise level, and adjustability of settings for a comfortable and efficient drying experience.
  • Nightlight: Our testers evaluate the brightness and functionality of the nightlight feature, ensuring it provides adequate illumination without being too harsh.

Beyond Product Testing:

Our independent reviewers often conduct their own bidet testing procedures, replicating real-world usage scenarios. They provide valuable insights into factors like comfort, noise level, ease of use, and overall value for money. User reviews can also offer valuable perspectives on long-term performance and real-life experiences.

By undergoing rigorous testing in these various areas, we can ensure the products featured on our website deliver quality, performance, and a comfortable user experience. So, the next time you’re considering a bidet purchase, remember the unseen efforts that we put into testing these devices to bring you a clean and refreshing bathroom experience.


Investing in a backpacking bidet is a thoughtful choice that combines environmental responsibility with personal comfort. Just ensure you consider your specific needs and preferences, examine the bidet’s features, and explore user reviews to make an informed decision that enhances your outdoor experience. A well-chosen bidet not only facilitates better personal hygiene but also contributes to a more sustainable and enjoyable backpacking journey.


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