Is Poop Splash Dangerous?

It’s quite normal to experience poop splash with toilets. While the splashback is not generally dangerous in terms of causing serious health concerns, especially if you’re using a private toilet in your home, it can be gross and disgusting. But, you ought to be very careful when using public toilets because poop splash can cause serious illnesses as the toilet water contains different types of bacteria. This article answers all the questions you may be having about poop splashback and whether or not it can cause health concerns.

Is It Normal For Poop To Splash?

Poop splash is a normal experience, particularly if you’ve installed low-quality or older toilets in your bathroom. The splashing back also depends on how you sit on the toilet when handling your business in the bathroom. The solution is as easy as placing a small piece of toilet paper in the water. If you do that, the poop falls onto the toilet water at an angle and thus prevents it from splashing back onto your skin.


When dirty toilet water contacts your skin, you must disinfect and clean the area as soon as possible. But if you are always using clean water, there is no need to be worried. If you think the water in your toilet is contaminated, make sure you use soap or a powerful antibacterial hand wash after every visit to the bathroom. There is a good reason for using antibacterial wipes to clean your hands. Bacteria won’t be able to travel to your bloodstream and cause you to get sick.

Remember, water pumped into the toilet tank from nearby water lines is generally safe, but once it gets into the toilet bowl, it may contain harmful bacteria. Basically, there is one water supply line that runs throughout your house. It may be the same water you use in your kitchen, dishwasher, or bathtub. But even if the water is completely sterile, some potentially dangerous bacteria may still be present. When the toilet water splashes back on your butt, it can cause certain skin infections that you definitely don’t want yourself or your loved ones to deal with.

How Do You Prevent Poop Splash Back?

If the surface of your water landing is larger than usual, using a piece of tissue paper can help you stop water from splashing back on your skin. You can watch the short video below to see how you can protect your toilet bowl water from splashing back by inserting a piece of toilet paper into the toilet water before sitting on the toilet. This is simply meant to prevent the water from splashing back when you are pooping.

But if everything lines up with the surface of the water when you sit down to poop, you won’t need to buy a lot of tissue paper. Just a single piece of toilet paper will do. You can also try using other effective splash guard hacks discussed in the video. You will not have to worry about water splashing in your bowl when you poop! 

Can Poop Splash Make You Sick?

Toilet water is dirty and can potentially cause serious illnesses when it splashes back onto your butt. Furthermore, if the water comes into contact with your vag, it can also cause Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). Harmful bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella find toilet water as perfect breeding grounds. Dirty toilet water can harbor these harmful pathogens, so you should always ensure the water doesn’t splash back onto your body when using the bathroom.

You should not get an infection from a water rash if you have a toilet splash. Anal fistulas are internal and do not come into contact with most outside substances. Toilets can host coliform bacteria and other bacteria that cause diarrhea, but these bacteria are commonly found in your intestine. If you feel uncomfortable after visiting a public toilet and probably experience some pop splashes, get a medical diagnosis.


The good news is that HIV can only be transmitted through sex, blood transfusion, or when someone cuts a wound with a sharp object that contains infected blood, not through a toilet. If you’re in doubt, take HIV tests as soon as possible. You can easily get a blood test at any hospital or clinic or buy testing kits to use at home.

Most people find going to the public toilet a little scary. If it really bothers you to think that germs lurking on toilet seats and faucet handles could be infecting you, spend as little time as you can in the public restrooms in office buildings, restaurants, hotels, and (God forbid!) gas stations. Sometimes, if you decide to dare to venture into a public bathroom, you may find yourself pushing open the stall door with your elbows or, even worse, flushing with your shoe.

Some people are genuinely afraid of the germs that lurk on the toilet seats, and you probably have some reason to be worried about doing that. There are plenty of bugs living in public restrooms. E. coli, shigella bacteria, hepatitis A virus, common cold virus, and other sexually transmissible organisms are just some of the bugs that lurk in public restrooms. There are even many viruses in the restrooms that you might not know anything about, and if you’re overly sensitive to germs, avoid public toilets due to the potential poop splashes.

Final Thoughts 

It is disgusting and unsanitary to get dirty water splashed onto your butt, particularly if the last user didn’t flush the toilet entirely. But if you always make sure that the water in your toilet bowl is clean, you won’t feel disgusted or doubtful about your overall health when you get a poop splash back. But remember that toilet water may not kill or hurt you; it just disgusts you! If you flushed the toilet before it splashed on you, it’s just normal water.


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