How Do Guys Sit On The Toilet?

While we all visit the toilet more than once a day for a call of nature, many of us don’t really think too much about the proper way of sitting on the toilet seat. In fact, if you browse the internet and peruse through different opinions on social media regarding the right or most comfortable way to sit on the toilet, you’ll be shocked at the ideas you’ll come across. A number of factors, including a person’s gender, height, mobility concerns, and personal comfort, come into play when figuring out the right way to sit on the toilet. This article will help you find out the best way guys should sit on the toilet seat and how to avoid unnecessary strain and infections.

How Should A Man Sit On A Toilet?

Guys are usually more upright when sitting on a toilet than women or small children. Guys sometimes lean forward to help themselves relax while they’re doing their business. Essentially, as long as you’re comfortable and don’t cause any discomfort by the way you sit, it doesn’t really matter how you sit. Comfortable toilet seats are crucial for allowing your body to relax enough to eliminate human waste. Whether your feet are on the floor or on a raised level, the sitting position should allow you to be as relaxed as possible during the process.

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Is There A Correct Way To Sit On The Toilet?

There’s no consensus on the right way to sit on a toilet. Squatting down on your knees is a good idea if you are able to do it and you are desperately trying to use the bathroom. It can cause your pelvic and rectal muscles to become very tired by trying hard to hold your position while you wait for nature to take its course. In other words, you put excessive strain on your rectal and pelvic muscles when you squat, and you might even cause some discomfort or injury. 

Furthermore, you may feel uneasy trying to squat for a long time, and this could cause you to not be able to properly use the toilet. That means squatting might not be a comfortable position, especially for individuals who are slightly overweight or too tall!

Interestingly, guys love staying in the bathroom for a long time, but this has nothing to do with being a guy. They somehow enjoy relaxing, catching up on their reading, and being alone while they need to use the bathroom. 

This happens a lot when the toilet is very tidy, and one knows how to sit on the toilet comfortably when in the bathroom. It’s not bad to spend a lot of time sitting on the toilet, but guys are doing more damage to themselves by doing that so frequently. 

It’s unsanitary to sit on the toilet while focusing on your phone constantly. In fact, you put more strain on the muscles of your lower back by constantly scrolling through your phone while sitting on the toilet. Remember, men are also susceptible to hemorrhoids, and constantly being in the bathroom for too long can cause this very unpleasant condition.

Do Guys’ Balls Touch The Toilet Water?

Well, that depends on how hot the day is or how you’re feeling in general. When it’s very hot, the scrotum is completely relaxed and tends to extend slightly, which might cause your balls to touch the toilet bowl. In addition, if the level of the toilet water is too high, the balls might also come into contact with the dirty toilet water.

It is a very hot topic right now when it comes to men’s hygiene. Some men think that sitting down to pee on the toilet is totally unsanitary, but other men swear by doing this. Some guys will be more comfortable sitting down and peeing while still in the bathroom, which can result in some positive effects on their overall health. 

Bad aiming can cause big accidents to happen in the bathroom and cause a lot of unpleasant stains and smells that are hard to eliminate. Some guys might not feel very comfortable sitting on a toilet while they go to the bathroom to take a pee, but there are several reasons why a guy should sit down while peeing. 

Sitting far back will allow him to ensure that everything gets in the toilet and that no urine drips onto his legs or his pants. When you forget to put the toilet seat back down, your partner might cause a big fuss because they’ll have to put it back, which can cause a nasty germ to get all over their hands.

How To Spend Less Time In The Bathroom

You should always listen to your body and get to the bathroom only when you feel you need to go. Holding on to your waste doesn’t feel good and can cause havoc in the digestive tract. 

If you keep holding in your waste for a long time, especially the number two, it can be very difficult to get it out. Being a regular bathroom user is much better than holding it for too long, which means you can easily experience blockages and constipation issues. Even if you are busy or if you are anxious when you are using the bathroom in public places, it is still good to stop and listen and respond to your nature calls.


Most of us don’t really think much about the way we sit while we use the bathroom! But if you establish the correct sitting position, you can easily go to the bathroom without worrying about the time it takes to get up. If you want to sit comfortably while handling your business in the bathroom, it’s best to learn how to sit upright, so you don’t experience any strain during and after you’re done. If you’re a guy who goes to the bathroom often, you should always sit at the back of the toilet to avoid touching the surfaces of the toilet with the balls or the wang.


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